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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Ewing Company

NRA Stand and Fight

Next year's congressional election battle is ramping up right now.

Just last week, Michelle Obama held a lavish fundraiser for a group of rich, anti-gun donors in New York City.
She asked them all to write a "big old fat check" to help elect Senators who will pass Barack Obama's extreme gun control agenda.

"Sadly, as you know, that bill failed," Michelle told the crowd, in reference to Obama's backdoor gun registration scheme.

"It failed by just six votes in the Senate. Six. So make no mistake about it: the midterm elections, they matter. They matter."
Jonathan, she's right about one thing:  Next year's congressional elections matter BIG TIME.

In fact, next year's elections will decide whether you and I get to keep our freedom, or if we will lose the Second Amendment as we know it...PERIOD.

We can't let Barack and Michelle Obama win.

We can't sit by and watch them raise money hand-over-fist to elect anti-gun Senators who will vote our constitutional freedom out of existence.

We have to fight back today, tomorrow, and every day in this winner-take-all election battle.
That's why I need you to make an immediate and generous donation to NRA-ILA right now.  Help me show Michelle Obama and all of her elitist, gun-hating pals that NRA members and gun owners will STAND AND FIGHT to save our freedom.
Help me show our pro-gun allies in the Senate that you and I have their backs in next year's elections...and that we won't let them fight this battle against the Obamas alone.

Help me and NRA-ILA win the most important election battle in the history of our freedom by making a contribution in whatever amount you can afford today.

If we can defeat Barack and Michelle Obama's anti-gun candidates in next year's elections...then we can defeat their gun ban agenda and SAVE OUR FREEDOM.

But we have to fight back right now...this minute!

Thank you.

Chris W. Cox
Executive Director

Help NRA-ILA Fight Back Now!

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